Art is infinitely important to me and the need to create art is my life’s passion. I feel the arts are not as well respected in our world as they should be. The technical and creative aspects of an artwork deserve one’s attention and understanding regarding the message it conveys and contribution to our society. Art can mean different things to different people encouraging a deeper understanding of the self as it relates to the social, emotional environment that surrounds them. I feel privileged to be able to make art.        

Diane Varano


            Diane Varano is a newly retired principal, educator and staff developer from New York City. Her passion for the arts began when she was a young girl. Although her natural talent for visual arts offered her the opportunity to be chosen as one of two students in her school district to attend a high school for the arts in New York City, her father did not approve of her interest in the arts. As a result, Diane had to find ways to appease her passion through her second love in the field of education, but it wasn’t until she retired that she was able to pursue her lifelong dream.

            As an artist, Diane’s interests are diverse, spanning from sculpture to painting and photography. She sees a strong connection within these mediums, learning from each experience to inspire her next creation.  Her love of texture and shape drives her to experiment with ways to represent these ideas in her contemporary sculptures. With the use of paint and camera, she further develops these ideas in her use of color, light and shadow, each telling a story for the observer’s personal perception.  “I would like you to perceive my art as a precious gift for you to take with you on your personal journey.” For the past three years, Diane Varano’s photography has been shown at the Art Gallery of Kingsborough Community College’s CUNY Brooklyn, as well as, the college’s spring 2017 Magazine, Antheon, A Journal of the Arts.

            Diane has spent many joyful years working with students as well as educators in an effort to bring forth meaningful education. Art has always been her passion and she has spent her career balancing the arts with education and consultant work.  “I am fortunate that I can now focus on my passion for the arts. I work to create my style using these various mediums. It enables me to explore who I am as an artist. Although I feel I am at the beginning my passage, I feel this is where I have always been…now, coming full circle, I have come home…”